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Fluker Farms - Live Crickets

Buy Fresh Live Crickets - Fluker's Cricket Farm is a premiere online supplier of cheap feeder insects for sale. Our active lively crickets are our #1 best seller. Crickets are an excellent choice for a feeder insect to offer as prey for your bearded dragon and other reptiles and birds or as bait crickets for bream and bluegill. We offer fast processing and cost effective economy postal shipping methods as well as premium next day shipping options.

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Crickets (Acheta domesticus) from multiple farms throughout the country were mixed and bred for over 60 generations into a special strain called the “American Mix”. This is why our Acheta domestica have less mortality upon delivery and survive longer after they arrive, up to 8 weeks total lifespan with proper care and nutrition.  We recommend a temperature range of 70-75F during the day and at night to keep their metabolism and immune system functioning properly. These insects are a rich source of protein and when gut loaded properly offer many other nutritional benefits to reptiles. Buy your reptile the best feeder insects for sale online today.

Feeder Crickets are available in sizes ranging from 1 week old baby crickets (3/16 of an inch) to 6 weeks old adults (1 inch) and in quantities starting at 100. Looking for some alternative feeder insects options? We also offer 250ct 4-week-old crickets and 250ct medium mealworms mixed box. This is a great way to help diversify your reptiles live insect diet. When ordering the mix, both will be packaged loose together in the same box. Or consider a special colorful treat of live hornworms. Looking for just mealworms?  Feeding small reptiles or frogs and looking for an alternative to baby crickets? Consider ordering a live Flightless Fruit Flies Culture.

Help your feeder insects live longer and provide more nutrition to your reptiles with Fluker's feeder insect supplements. Check out our Orange Cube Complete Cricket Diet for a complete all in one food and water source. We also have two quencher products available, Original Quencher and Quencher with Calcium. Combine Fluker's Hi-Cal Cricket Diet with our quencher products to give you insects the nutrition your reptile requires.

During the winter months, we recommend checking our shipping information page before ordering live crickets or any other live insects. Extreme Cold or Hot temperatures can greatly impact the odds of receiving your crickets live and healthy. Take into consideration the transit time of your live insects prior to selecting a shipping method. See our Live Delivery Guarantee before placing your order.

*Please provide a valid physical address for shipping via Express Carriers. FedEx and UPS will not deliver to a PO Box. PO Box orders will need to be shipped USPS only. 
When will my order ship?  Please click on the shipping table tab to view our shipping schedule.
Is there any guarantee on live delivery?  We offer a live delivery guarantee on most orders, please see Live-Delivery Guarantee tab for more information.
Which shipping method should I choose?  While we don't offer a free shipping option we do offer competitive prices and a range of expedited and economical choices. Please review the Shipping Tab for the shipping schedule. Also please keep in mind that during extreme cold and hot times of the year our economy shipping options may not be the best depending on your location and forecasted weather.


Trying to transition your pet reptile from eating live insects to a freeze-dried diet?
Click here for live to freeze-dried tips.

For more information on how to care for your crickets, check out our Cricket Care Sheet.

Learn how to set up a cricket keeper in this video tutorial with David Fluker.

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225 Reviews

  • 1
    Ordering crickets

    Posted by Ivatolley on Sep 9th 2023

    I ordered 500 crickets and only got like 30 don't order from hear they want even answer my emails this is a scam!!!!!!!

  • 2
    Never again

    Posted by Jamie Lantron on Aug 17th 2023

    So sad that we received our second order of crickets and MOST of the 100 are dead.

  • 1
    Almost all dead

    Posted by Genevieve Shanks on Jul 21st 2023

    Almost all of the crickets were dead, and they were all dirty. There were only about 25 live ones out of the 100 ¼ inch ones I ordered. I live in Texas, so it is constantly in the 100s temperature-wise. I expected the crickets to be in more than a cardboard tube, but that's what they came in, so they were just baking in a metal mailbox. Overall horrible experience. I am not going to order from them again. I'm just going to go to the pet store.

  • 1
    1/4 inch Crickets

    Posted by Jane Vitek Dixon on Jun 26th 2023

    I ordered 250-1/4 inch crickets. I set the container on it's side in a large bucket to let the crickets jump out. I took a photo after all the live one were in the bucket. I counted 105. The rest were dead. I will never buy from this company ever again. Waste of money. Going back to the previous vender.

  • 5
    Crickets and Bsfl

    Posted by Shane Cupak on Jun 21st 2023

    5 out of 5 stars, crickets were huge and clean, don’t think there was one dead cricket when I unboxed. Will definitely order from them again

  • 5
    One of the best place we have ordered

    Posted by Malinda Hibbert on Jun 14th 2023

    So we order have made 2 orders so far. Each order has been for 1k. They have been the cheapest and the crickets arrive in great shape. Well this last order was on the postal service end. We ordered our 1k of crickets and the postal service held them up. When we did receive them a lot were dead unfortunately. We reached out and they resent another order. The customer service experience was awesome. Thank you so much and we will definitely continue to order more from you.

  • 5
    Very viable and healthy crickets. No fly eggs.

    Posted by Rod Brewer on Feb 9th 2023

    Very pleased with this purchase all arrived alive. Within a few days maybe 10 or less out of 100 dead, expected from shipment. After that 2 weeks gone by didn't see any die. They seem healthy and strong and jumpy. I'm going to be a repeat customer this beats the pet stores maybe a few cents more per cricket after shipping. You can't beat the quality for the price

  • 1
    Dead crickets

    Posted by Brian Aston on Feb 8th 2023

    All my crickets arrived dead. The weather wasn't extreme either

  • 5
    Super happy!!

    Posted by Terry Ray on Oct 14th 2022

    I was skeptical at first but I went ahead and bought 250 for my chameleon and beardy. They took two days to get here and nearly all of them were alive and are still kicking. Now I have a reoccurring order every week definitely recommend