Cricket Keeper Kit with Gutload Essentials

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Fluker's Cricket Keeper Kit – the ultimate solution for maintaining the health and vitality of your crickets, ensuring your reptile companions receive the very best nutrition. This kit is designed to make cricket care simple, effective, and convenient. Plastic Keeper measures 9.5"x5.5"x6.5" tall. Its transparent design allows you to easily monitor your crickets while its secure latching mechanism keeps them safely contained. Can house up to 1000 crickets depending on size.

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Gutload Essentials Included: 

Fluker's High Calcium Cricket Diet - A specially formulated blend that's rich in essential nutrients. This premium diet ensures your crickets remain a highly nutritious food source for your reptiles, offering optimal calcium levels for strong bone development.

Fluker's Cricket Calcium Quencher - Hydration is key to maintaining vibrant and healthy crickets. Our Cricket Calcium Quencher provides essential moisture while simultaneously boosting their calcium intake.

Fluker's Repta Calcium with D3 - Guarantees that your reptiles receive the right amount of calcium and vitamin D3 for calcium absorption, promoting bone strength and overall well-being. Also included are two small plastic dishes for serving.

Tips for setup:

1. Place both dishes on the bottom of the tank.

2. Fill one dish with food and one with quencher and change daily.

3. Use an egg crate or other material for crickets to climb and hide.

4. Use calcium to dust crickets or food before feeding your reptile.

5. Clean the tank once a week or as needed.

4 Reviews

  • 5
    Great buy

    Posted by Tez on Jun 4th 2024

    The quencher alone was worth he money the box was just a bonus

  • 5
    Couldn't be better, even in a pinch.

    Posted by Thomas Brown on Jun 3rd 2024

    Arrived Fast, easy, and with sturdy packaging to every extent. Even in a pinch. This allows me to stage my gut loading in great timing by picking from the general population in a large Sterilite storage bin, and prep a set of crickets for my 4-year-old Female Beardie

  • 5
    Critter Keeper

    Posted by Danielle Tetreault on May 28th 2024

    Nice sturdy cricket/critter keeper. Arrived with no damage and quickly. I would love to see an option for the non calcium quench as the dust and the food are enough calcium for our frogs, but I can see others wanting to add all the calcium. Great deal and great product bundle!

  • 2
    cricket keeper

    Posted by phenelope smith on May 28th 2024

    full of cracks