Hermit Crabs: Fun Facts and Pet Care Tutorials

Posted Jul 3rd 2020 by

Our Pet of the Month for July AND August is the hermit crab! While not a reptile, this crustacean is a very popular and easy-to-care for pet choice. Despite their name, land hermit crabs are very ...

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LSU Spotlights Fluker's Fierce Flies

Posted Jun 23rd 2020 by

David Fluker believes LSU is on the verge of being the utmost leader in insect research.As an alumnus and a lifelong tiger fan, partnering with LSU has long been a priority. Since taking over the fami ...

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Snakes: Fun Facts and Pet Care Tutorials

Posted Mar 31st 2020 by

It's official! Our reptile of the month for April is the snake. All month long, we'll be featuring the slithering reptile and sharing new content for all you snake-lovers out there. Check out these ...

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Fluker's Freaky Halloween Costume Contest

Posted Oct 14th 2019 by Erin Trahan

Halloween is right around the corner, which means it's time for our annual Freaky Halloween Costume Contest! Dress up your pet reptile or amphibian to win up to $500 in store credit from Fluk ...

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Labor Day Holiday Shipping Schedule

Posted Aug 27th 2019 by

We hope you have a safe and happy weekend! Please note the following changes to our regular shipping schedule in observance of Labor Day on Monday, September 2, 2019.USPSOrders placed after 3:00 ...

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Make your own chocolate covered crickets

Posted Sep 4th 2018 by Jackie Pfeifer

Ever wanted to try chocolate covered crickets? Well we have created this fun, easy to follow guide to make your own at home. Items you will need:CricketsMilk ChocolateParaffin WaxMoldDirections:F ...

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Pastalaya Recipe

Posted Aug 10th 2018 by Jackie Pfeifer

PastalayaINGREDIENTS:1 Boston Butt Pork Roast cut into small pieces1 Box pork sausage1 Pack boneless skinless chicken  thighs cut into small pieces4 Large onions1 Bell pepper1 Can Rotel1 Can toma ...

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How to get the most out of your mealworms

Posted Jul 24th 2018 by Jessica Manafi

Bluebirds can be a sight to watch. They’re often admired for their soft coloring and distinctive song making, and luring them to your garden is as easy as providing a simple snack made up of mealworms ...

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Fluker's Freaky Halloween Costume Contest 2017

Posted Oct 2nd 2017 by Karlie McCaskill

It's officially October, which can only mean one thing: Halloween is right around the corner! To celebrate, we're hosting a Halloween costume contest. Four lucky winners will receive a YEAR'S SUPPLY ( ...

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2017 Flukie Winner in New Orleans

Posted Jul 12th 2017 by Karlie McCaskill

Our 2017 Flukie winner Amy Attaway and her husband visited us recently! They stayed and experienced New Orleans for a couple days then drove over to get a tour of the farm! While in Louisiana they vis ...

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Finding Fluker's

Posted Jul 6th 2017 by Karlie McCaskill

To celebrate our country and the road trips that summertime often brings, we're challenging YOU to take Fluker's across America! Take a picture of anything with Fluker's on it (it can be one of our pr ...

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New look, new options

Posted Jun 22nd 2017 by

At Fluker's we are excited to bring our customers a completely redesigned website. Along with the brand new look, we also have some new exciting features. For our customers wishing to create and manag ...

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Fluken Father of the Year 2017

Posted Jun 13th 2017 by

Congratulations to Daniel Blankenship for winning our Fluker's Father of the Year 2017 contest! We thank you for serving our country and hope you enjoy your prizes! Win your father FREE prizes ...

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Posted May 16th 2017 by

The difference between UVB and UVA is made by the difference in wavelengths and the energy in the photons of the light. UVA also has a longer wavelength than UVB does. Both of these wavelengths, h ...

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Pets in the Classroom

Posted May 15th 2017 by

Perfect back to school class project! Take advantage of our special offer to receive a mealworm kit for your class. Fluker Farms has developed a great guide for teachers to ...

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Mealworm Facts

Posted May 15th 2017 by

Q. What birds eat mealworms?A. Some people think that if you don't have bluebirds, there's no reason to feed mealworms. But even if you don't have the right habitat for bluebirds, many othe ...

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Summer Camp Journal

Posted May 9th 2017 by Karlie McCaskill

Fluker Farms Summer Camp JournalA GREAT SUMMER PROJECTHave a pet reptile in your classroom? Consider this summer camp project with a journal to chronical the summer with your students. Complete with i ...

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Assembling a Fluker's Clamp Lamp

Posted Apr 12th 2017 by Casey Barthe

So we know many of you have had some difficulty in figuring out how to correctly assemble your clamp lamps. We've put together a quick tutorial on assembly. Also there is a video available as well. ...

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How Far Can You Spit a Cricket?

Posted Mar 22nd 2017 by

Many people don't know that cricket spitting is an international contest!Here is a short video from the cricket spitting contest at the 2012 Purdue Bug Bowl. The 2017 Purdue Bug Bowl is the largest kn ...

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Dolbear’s Law

Posted Jan 23rd 2017 by

How hot is it? Ask a Cricket! Did you know that snowy tree crickets can help you accurately determine the temperature outside?Back in the 1890s Amos Dolbear, a noted American Physicist and Inventor, ...

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Winterizing for captive bred reptiles

Posted Oct 21st 2016 by

As the temperature drops outside and you start using your furnaces and heaters, make sure all your enclosures are ready for winter too! It is very important to ensure all your enclosures re ...

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Save More When You Buy In Bulk

Posted Jun 14th 2016 by

One great way to save money on feeder insects is buying in bulk. The cost per cricket can be greatly reduced when purchasing in larger quantities.For Example: Currently you purchase 250 4week old cric ...

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Black Soldier Fly Larvae Partnership

Posted May 3rd 2016 by Karlie McCaskill

Fluker Farms has partnered with Texas A&M University (TAMU) to produce feeding grade blacksoldier fly larvae. The entire sale of the larvae will go to university research funding split between TAMU an ...

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2017 Annual Flukie Awards

Posted Mar 1st 2016 by Karlie McCaskill

The 2016 Flukie awards were such a success that we’re making the 2017 Flukies a year long tradition! Every month we’ll be calling for video entries of a specific theme. We want to see your best work - ...

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Hurricane Katrina, 10 Years Later

Posted Aug 27th 2015 by

This year marks the 10thyear since Hurricane Katrina devastated the Southern coast.Fluker’s remembers that time with great reverence. Make sure you always have a plan for evacuationin a time such as t ...

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reptiles make good emotional support animals

Posted Jul 16th 2015 by

Emotional Support Animals are animals that provide a therapeutic benefit tosomeone with a mental or psychiatric disability. While an ESA is usually a dog or cat, other animals, such as reptiles, are a ...

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