David Fluker, President/Owner

Our fearless leader is a entrepreneur and second-generation cricket farmer, practically born and raised in this unique business. While most kids were away at camp, David spent his childhood summers feeding, watering, counting, and delivering crickets. It's safe to say his connection to crickets and reptiles has been a lifelong endeavor. "I absolutely love my job and my team. We have accomplished many exciting things together growing this little cricket farm from a small seasonal fish bait company to the internationally recognized reptile brand it is today," shared David. 

As graduate of LSU, David is proud of the strategic partnership Fluker's has cultivated with the state’s flagship university. "We've funded many research projects over the years and continue to rely heavily on LSU’s deep resources to develop and produce our insects and quality family of products. Now more than ever, I am excited about the continued growth our future holds," he added. (With David at the helm, we all are too!)



Diana Noland - Secretary/Treasurer, Owner

Diane is the co-owner of Fluker Farms and has worked with the company since childhood. Her responsibilities include mananging daily financials, planning company events, maintaining the work environment, cooking for employees, and filling in for essential employees. She also works closely with our sister company, Roux Brands. Diane’s favorite thing about her job is entertaining employees as a way to thank them for all of their hard work. When asked what reptiles/amphibian/insect she would be if she had the chance, Diane replied, “A butterfly because I love to be around flowers”. Outside of the office, Diane loves to work in her flower beds and yard because it gives her a sense of peace. Diane is also actively involved in her church's kitchen duty and VBS. If she could describe herself in three words, they would be "peacemaker, loyal, and selfless." (We agree, Diane always thinks of others before herself!)

The accomplishment Diane is most proud of is, of course, her family. Her career has also created great value in her life because she finds satisfaction in working hard and is passionate about showing employees that everybody is important to our company. Diane is an asset to our team because she is very friendly, loves people, is patient, and is always willing to problem solve. When asked how she deals with adversity Diane shared, “I am not afraid to wear many hats, and I often step in when another employee is absent. I enjoy it, no matter what the job! And I have never been afraid to do manual labor. It also helps that I keep an open mind and don't think any task is beneath me. We are all one team.”



Sam Furby - Vice President, Director of Sales and Marketing

Sam has worked at Fluker’s for more than 20 years. As Executive VP, he wears many hats. His main responsibility is sales, but he also plays a big part in marketing, new product development, and general management. One of Sam's favorite things about his job is he doesn't do the same thing over and over every day; there is always a new challenge or opportunity. "Because of those challenges, I've learned that you receive in proportion to what you give, which is true in most aspects of life as well. There’s nothing more satisfying than being involved in the evolution of a new product; from conception through placement, and then seeing the result of your efforts on store shelves across the entire country," shared Sam. When asked how he deals with advsersity, Sam said most would say he throws tantrums but he likes to call it "lively discussion of the adverse situation." (Funny guy!)

When asked who the biggest influence on his career has been, Same explained, "Ironically, it would be David Fluker. He taught me how to argue and deflect blame. Even with our constant battling of wills, I am extremely proud of how far we’ve come as a company over the past 20 years in terms of both growth and our contributions to the pet industry. I know it’s a cliché, but the company has become an extension of my family, with all the associated joy, tragedy, disagreements, and successes." Sam's wife, Suzanne, has been the biggest supporter of his career and everyday life. "I am intuitive, playful, sarcastic, and loyal; she’s the calming influence on my somewhat anxious personality," added Sam. Because Suzanne is an elected official their town, the two are involved in many community activities. Outside of work, Sam enjoys cooking, music, college football, ballroom dancing, golf, fishing, and is even an active participant in the pet industry in his personal life. "Chameleons have always interested me, and I have felt a personal connection with them. Their adaptive natures resonates with my salesman personality!"  (What color are you today, Sam?!)