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Meet Kamp Kenan - Reptile Education and Conservation in Action!

Meet Kamp Kenan - Reptile Education and Conservation in Action!

Posted by Erin Trahan on Mar 19th 2020

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Kamp Kenan - a fun, entertaining, and passionate reptile breeding and conservation haven in South Florida owned and operated by former pro BMX rider and action sports announcer Kenan Harkin.

The sanctuary protects more than 500 exotic and endangered reptiles with a mission focused on educating people about the value of these creatures and the challenges they face in the modern world.

Their YouTube channel is filled with entertaining, engaging, and action-packed videos we think you will enjoy. From snakes and lizards to turtles and gators, Kamp Kenan captures the unique and interesting lives of the animals we love.

You love reptiles; we love reptiles; and Kamp Kenan loves reptiles, too!

To kick off our partnership, we recently sent Kenan some of our most popular products to use at the Kamp. Some of the items were familiar to him and others he'll be trying out for the first time.  He'll be sharing his feedback in future videos!  

Check it out the video here: Unboxing Massive Supply of Reptile Gear and Food!