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LSU Spotlights Fluker's Fierce Flies

LSU Spotlights Fluker's Fierce Flies

Jun 22nd 2020

David Fluker believes LSU is on the verge of being the utmost leader in insect research.

As an alumnus and a lifelong tiger fan, partnering with LSU has long been a priority. Since taking over the family cricket farm in the 1980s, Fluker's has partnered with both LSU's School of Veterinary Medicine and the entomology department.

The partnership is improving sustainability on campus and creating innovations at Fluker Farms that have the potential to aid in global efforts to eliminate food waste.

The LSU foundation recently featured David and our soldier fly project in it's cornerstone series Fierce for the Future.

“I went to LSU and was born in Baton Rouge. I love seeing my state do well, and I have a vision of LSU becoming a major insect research hub. I can feel it. The insect world is starting to explode on the business scene; I have never seen anything like it. In the past three or four years, there has been a lot of money invested into insects. With the LSU black soldier fly project and Fluker Farms creating these sustainable systems, I love that LSU is moving to the forefront of the industry,” Fluker explained in the interview.

Check out the LSU's featured story, Fierce Flies, for more, or listen to the live interview.