Hermit Crab Starter Kit

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Hermit crabs make a great long-term pet. The Hermit Crab Starter Kit will provide your crab with the habitat needed to live a long healthy life. 


Essentials Include:

  • rock corner bowl water dish
  • in ground water bowl
  • shallow rock bowl feeding dish
  • all natural hermit crab sea sponge (2)
  • premium hermit crab pellets
  • 2 oz. freshwater conditioner
  • 2 oz. saltwater conditioner
  • round thermometer and hygrometer
  • empty growth shells (2)
  • spray bottle
  • care sheet

please note - color and style of bowls and shells may vary from kit to kit. 



Hermit crabs make  a great long term pet. They develop personalities, respond to their owners and with proper care, can live well over 30 years. In order to provide the proper care, it's imperative that the hermit crabs natural environment is replicated as closely as possible. Fluker's Hermit Headquarters Starter Kit will provide some of the basic items needed to provide your crab with the habitat needed to live a long healthy life. Please refer to the care sheet inside for additional items needed for your crab's enclosure.



  • sand substrate
  • screen top
  • clamp lamp or heat mat
  • treats
  • hiding places and furniture
  • empty shells
  • calcium supplement