Hermit Crab Sand Substrate

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Hermit crabs are natural diggers. They dig to hunt for food and when it is time to molt. It is very important to fill your crab's habitat with enough moist sand for the molting process. The proper amount of sand is three times deeper than the height of your largest crab's shell. The deep moist sand protects your crab during the molting process and prevents dehydration, which is vital for your crab's longevity.

Unlike the calcium carbonate "sand" often sold as hermit crab substrate, Fluker's Premium Sand for Hermit Crabs is a perfect blend of all-natural sand, coconut fiber, sea salt and probiotic. The silica sand packs swell and the coconut fiber helps with water retention. Calcium and sea salt are added to replicate the exact sand hermit crabs find in their natural environment. Finally, probiotic has been introduced to help maintain a clean environment.

Hermit crabs need plenty of space to thrive. It is extremely important to select an enclosure large enough to satisfy their needs. We recommend a 10-gallon tank as a minimum size for keeping small crabs. 

  • available in 6 lbs.



Fill tank evenly with Fluker's Premium Sand. The minimum depth should be at least three times the size of your largest hermit crab. Moisten the sand with purified water so it packs well. (The consistency should be what you would use to build a sand castle.) Once installed, you should check the substrate periodically to ensure that it stays moist. 


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