Sun Glow Coil Lantern

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These coiled lanterns provide reptiles and amphibians with the best source of light and heat.
Under natural conditions, the sun produces ultraviolet B radiation (UVB). UVB radiation is needed to produce vitamin D. In captivity, reptiles that have poor lighting conditions can develop life-threatening diseases. Sun-Glow Coil Lanterns provide essential UVB radiation for captive reptiles and amphibians. These bulbs actually generate more UVB (> 250 vW/cm2) than competitors' 5.0 fluorescent tubes (> 250 mW/cm2)! Sun-Glow Coil Lanterns should be used in combination with Fluker's incandescent bulbs, which can be used to regulate the environmental temperature.

  • available in 5.0 UVB 20 Watts and 10.0 UVB 20 Watts.
  • provides significant quanities of UVB without excessive heat
  • ideal for diurnal reptiles, especially chameleons, bearded dragons, and iguanas
  • provides essential lighting for live plants in a vivarium
  • stimulates the natural synthesis of vitamin D in herps
  • can decrease the likelihood of metabolic bone disease
  • ideas for amphibians



Reptile and amphibian behaviors are directly tied to their light cycle. Under natural conditions, sunlight provides ultraviolet radiation, visible light and heat. Ultraviolet light is required by diurnal (daytime) reptiles and amphibians to stimulate the synthesis of vitamin D, which facilitates the absorption of calcium in the intestine. Animals that cannot absorb calcium can develop metabolic bone disease, which can lead to muscle weakness, bone fractures, and untimely death.

Reptile and amphibian behavior is directly tied to day length. To ensure best results, provide your pet with a 12-hour light cycle. If animals are being used for breeding, then day length cycles should be adjusted accordingly



This bulb should be used in combination with radiant light, which can be used to establish an appropriate environmental temperature range (ETR) for your pet reptile. Reptiles that are not provided an appropriate ETR may not fair well in captivity. Fluker Farms offers a complete line of radiant light bulbs to complement the Sun-Glow fluorescent bulbs. 

Sun-Glow bulbs produce over 250 mW/cm2 of UVB on the bulb surface. Placing the bulb within 6-12 inches of the animal will provide UVB radiation similar to that produced by the sun. The bulb should be placed outside of the animal's enclosure to prevent injury to the animal. Glass tops can inhibit the penetration of UVB rays, so always use a screen top for your pet's enclosure