Mealworm Classroom Kit

Fluker Farms has compiled a study guide as well as our class project materials kit to conduct your own mealworm life cycle experiment in your class. Each kit contains enough mealworms and cups for a class size of 25 students. Download a .pdf version of the study guide and activity sheet. Please fill out this form to place your request for our free mealworm life cycle kit. You may request multiple kits for the classrooms in your school. We are pleased to offer our kits free of charge but do however request that you place all orders at one time so that we can ship them as one shipment. If additional order requests are received for the same school after a shipment has been sent to the same school, Fluker's may require the shipping charges be paid prior to shipping out more kits per school semester. Please enter your school address info and how many kits you would like in the comment section below.