Dr. Mark Mitchell’s Research

Fluker Farms is proud to fund and sponsor Dr. Mitchell in his research. Dr. Mitchell is currently a Professor of Zoological Medicine at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge in the College of Veterinary Medicine and has been a consultant for Fluker's for more than 20 years, helping and providing input for product development as well as helping our staff learn the most that they can about reptile care. After all, Fluker Farms is, first and foremost, a business of educating people on breeding and raising reptiles.

Here we have gathered all of Dr. Mitchell’s papers that have been funded by Fluker's:

·  Mitchell MA, Shane SM. Preliminary findings of Salmonella spp. in captive green iguanas and their environment. Prev Vet Med 45, 297-304, 2000.

·  Lafortune M, Mitchell MA, Smith J. Evaluation of medetomidine, clove oil, and propofol for anesthesia of leopard frogs (Rana pippiens). J Herp Med Surg 11(4): 19-23, 2001.

·  Mitchell MA, Dahlgren E, Roy A. Characterizing the antimicrobial resistance patterns of microbes isolated from wildlife presented to the Wildlife Hospital of Louisiana. Wild Rehab Bull 22(2): 31-36, 2004.

·  Klarsfeld J, Mitchell MA. Evaluating the role of crickets as mechanical vectors for oxyurids in insectivorous reptiles. J Herp Med Surg 15(1): 18-20, 2005.

·  Mayer J, Knoll J, Innis C, Mitchell MA. Characterizing the hematologic and plasma chemistry profiles of captive Chinese water dragons (Physignathus concincinus). J Herp Med Surg 15(3): 45-52, 2005.

·  Miller S, Mitchell MA, Heatley JJ, Wolf T, Lapuz F, Lafortune M, Smith JA. Clinical and cardiorespiratory effects of propofol in the spotted bamboo shark (Chylloscyllium plagiosum). J Zoo Wild Med 36(4): 673-676, 2005.

·  Singleton B, Mitchell MA, Riggs S, Diaz-Figueroa O. Evaluating Quikon Med as a Coccidiocide for inland bearded dragons (Pogona vitticeps). J Ex Pet Med 15(4): 269-273, 2006.

·  Acierno M, Mitchell MA, Roundtree M, Zachariah T. Evaluating the effect of ultraviolet B radiation on 1,25 hydroxyvitamin D levels in red-eared sliders (Trachemys scripta elegans). Am J Vet Res 67 (12): 2046-2049, 2006.

·  Mitchell MA, Roundtree M. Evaluating the efficacy of polyhexamethylene biguanide at suppressing Salmonella Typhimurium in the water column of red-eared sliders (Trachemys scripta elegans) under transport. J Herp Med Surg, 16 (2): 45-48, 2006.

·  Salb A, Mitchell MA, Riggs S, Diaz-Figueroa O, Roy A. Characterization of the aerobic and anaerobic bacterial intestinal flora of captive green iguanas, Iguana iguana. J Herp Med Surg 17 (1): 12-15, 2007.

·  Fahrig B, Mitchell MA, Paccamonti D, Eilts B. Characterization and cooled storage of semen from corn snakes (Elaphe guttata). J Zoo Wild Med 38(1): 7-12, 2007.

·  Zachariah TT, Mitchell MA, Guichard C, Singh R. Hemolymph biochemistry reference ranges for wild-caught goliath birdeater spiders (Theraphoa blondi) and Chilean rose spiders (Grammastola rosea). J Zoo Wild Med 38(2): 245-251, 2007

·  Mitchell MA, Adamson T, Singleton B, Roundtree MK, Bauer R, Acierno MJ. Evaluation of a combination of sodium hypochlorite and polyhexamethylene biguanide as an egg wash for red-eared slider turtles (Trachemys scripta elegans) to suppress or eliminate Salmonella organisms on egg surfaces and in hatchlings. AJVR 68(2):158-164, 2007.

·  Vitousek M, Mitchell MA, Woakes AJ, Niemack MD, Wikelski M. 2007.High costs of female choice in a lekking lizard. PLoS ONE. Jun 27 (2):e567

·  Zachariah T, Mitchell MA, Serra V, Walden M, Bauer R. 2007.Evaluating the effect of Baquacil® and Sanosil® on Salmonella in the aquatic habitat of the red-eared slider turtle (Trachemys scripta elegans). J Herp Med Surg 17(3):76-83

·  Fields PA, Strothers CM, Mitchell MA. Function of muscle-type lactate dehydrogenase and citrate synthesis of the Galapagos marine iguana, Amblyrhynchus cristatus, in relation to temperature. Comp Biochem Physiol B Biochem Mol Biol Feb 9, 2008

·  Acierno M, Mitchell MA, Roundtree M, Zachariah T, Kirchgessner M, Sanchez-Migallon Guzman D. 2008. Effects of ultraviolet radiation on plasma 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentrations in corn snakes (Elaphe guttata guttata). Am J Vet Res 69(2): 294-297.

·  Wolf T, Mitchell MA, Roy A, Tully TN, Maurer K, Cooper L. Seroprevalence of alphaviruses in chelonians from southeastern Louisiana. J Herp Med Surg 18(1): 5-8.

·  Diaz-Figueroa O, Mitchell MA, Ramirez S, Hannaneh W, Kim DY, Taylor HW.2008. Paecilmomyces lilacinus pneumonia in a free-ranging Louisiana gopher tortoise. J Herp Med Surg 18(2):52-60

·  Mitchell MA, Riggs S, Singleton CB, Diaz-Figueroa O, Hale L. 2009. Evaluating the clinical and cardiopulmonary effects of clove oil and propofol on tiger salamanders (Ambystoma tigrinum). J Exotic Pet Med 18 (1): 50-56

·  Zachariah T, Mitchell MA. 2009. Vitamin D3 in the hemolymph of wild-caught goliath bird eater spiders (Theraphosa blondi). J Zoo Wild Med, 40(2): 344–346

·  Zachariah T, Mitchell MA, Guichard C, Singh R. 2009. Isoflurane anesthesia of wild-caught goliath bird eater spiders (Theraphosa blondi) and Chilean rose spiders (Grammastola rosea). J Zoo Wild Med, 40(2): 347–349

·  Vitousek M, Mitchell MA, Romero M, Awerman J, Wikelski M. 2010. To Breed or not to Breed: Physiological Correlates of Reproductive Status in a Facultatively Biennial Iguanid. Horm Behav 57: 140-146

·  Zachariah T, Mitchell MA, Serra V, Johnson M, Dickens MJ, Romero M. 2010. Acute corticosterone stress response to handling in four captive gopher tortoises, Gopherus polyphemus. J Herp Med Surg 19(2): 50-56

·  Blackburn J, Mitchell MA, Holley-Blackburn MC, Curtis A, Thompson B. 2010. evidence of antibiotic resistance in free-swimming top-level marine predatory fishes. J Zoo Wildl Med 41(1): 7-16