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This relative humidity hygrometer allows you to establish and maintain a consistent level of humidity within your pet's enclosure, creating a safe and comfortable environment. Reptiles and amphibians are dependent on environmental humidity to maintain proper hydration and this tool allows you to do just that!


Temperate amphibians typically require a relative humidity of 80-90% and tropical species 85-95%.


Desert reptiles typically require a relative humidity of 40-60%, temperate species 60-75% and tropical species 80-90%.



Place hygrometer on "warm" side of enclosure for 30 minutes and record relative humidity in that area. Move hygrometer to "cool" side of enclosure for 30 minutes and record. Compare these readings with the specific humidity needs of your pet. If humidity is too low, increase moisture by adding live plants, covering cage openings with plastic, or misting daily. If humidity is too high, reduce misting or use smaller water bowls. Monitor humidity regularly.