Bearded Dragon Care Sheet



Common Group Lizard
Common Name Bearded Dragon
Scientific Name Pogona vitticeps
Distribution Australia

Very friendly and easy to handle pets. Are very often docile and ready to play! 

Bearded dragons are very easy to handle and do not take much upkeep outside of the usual cleaning and feeding. They make great first pet reptiles.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do bearded dragons make good pets?
Yes! Bearded dragons are easy to keep up with, gentle, and can be kept in a small area. 

How big does a bearded dragon tank need to be?
Adult dragons will require a minimum of a 20-gallon tank, but if your dragon is larger than most, it might require a larger tank.

How long do bearded dragons live?
Bearded dragons can be expected to live upwards of eight years with a proper diet and health. 

How big do bearded dragons get?
Most dragons will get to be about 20" normally, but can, in rare cases, grow larger than that.

Can bearded dragons live together?
Bearded dragons can live together when they are young, but adult beardeds, specifically male, need to be left alone. When it comes to other reptile species, you should not keep them in the same tank, as bacteria given off by one might be harmful to another.

Do bearded dragons bite?
Bearded dragons are docile creatures and rarely bite. When they do it is under extreme stress or hostility, but otherwise they are very gentle and easy to handle reptiles.

What do bearded dragons eat?
Bearded dragons are omnivorous, meaning they eat both plants and insects. They have a wide diet and can eat most things, though the following insects are the best for your cold-blooded companion:

                Crickets        Butterworms                
                Roaches       Earthworms
                Locusts         Superworms

Products You Will Need:

Natural sand is recommended.  Bark, cypress and plastic liners can also be used.

Repta-Trees and/or Iguana Branches
Bearded dragons spend a lot of time basking under a heating element. These branches can provide a number of basking areas.
These rock-like bowls provide a natural look to any terrarium and are ideal for feeding and watering. Easy to clean and disinfect. Comes in corner bowls and other shapes.

Basking Bulb
Can be used during the day to provide radiant heat and establish a daytime ETR. Use the chart on the side of the box to determine appropriate wattage.
Nightlight Bulb
A nightlight bulb will help keep the bearded dragon from getting too cool at night. It is not healthy to leave daylight lights on at night; a 12-hour day and night cycle is needed for psychological benefits.
Clamp Lamp
The perfect lamp for reptiles who like to bask. Sockets are rated up to 250 watts for incandescent bulbs; the ceramic model, with protective guards, is ideal for ceramic heat emitters. Both models feature safety clamps and easily attach to the rim of all terrariums.
Repta-Sun 5.0 UVB Fluorescent Light Bulb
Full-spectrum lighting closely simulates natural sunlight to provide a natural environment for reptiles, so they feel better and see better while making food colors and skin tones appear as they do in natural sunlight.
Fluorescent Hood
The ultimate in terrarium environment control, Fluker's Repta-Lighting Hoods feature a durable aluminum shell, built-in reflectors, 6-foot cord/plug sets and extra plug-in receptacles on fluorescent and combo models.
Heat Mat
Fluker's Heat Mat operates at a constant 100°F. Durable construction provides uniform, evenly distributed heat.
Bearded Dragon Diet
A combination of digestible animal and plant sources which will provide your pet with the proper balance of essential nutrients. The only diet fortified with real crickets for you pet's dining pleasure. We have Bearded Dragon Diet for Adults and for Juveniles. We also sell Buffet Blend versions for both, which includes freeze-dried insects for more protein and other benefits: Adult Buffet Blend and Juvenile Buffet Blend.
Fluker's recommends dusting food with Reptile Vitamin and Repta-Calcium once a week. (Some vitamins may be toxic if used in excess.)