Winter Shipping Schedule

Winter Shipping Advisory

The odds of your insects arriving alive drops dramatically when the temperature at the regional shipping FedEx hub in either ( Memphis, TN) or your location, drops to 15 degrees or below. Most suppliers of live insects stop shipping altogether when the temperatures are this cold. We know that you rely on your feeder insects each week so rather than not ship at all when the weather reaches these extremely low temperatures we offer the following options:

Live Delivery Guarantee Winter

Default Winter Shipping Policy (HFW-Hold For Weather): If your local night-time temperature is 15 degrees (F) or below according to the forecast, we will hold your order to ship at our discretion for up to seven days until the weather warms to acceptable levels. With this option, our standard Live Delivery Guarantee will apply. We will refund the price of the crickets only; shipping charges will not be refunded for orders arriving DOA. If the weather doesn't improve by the end of the seven-day period, your order will not ship. Your order will be cancelled, and your credit card used to purchase your insects will be refunded.
Optional Winter Shipping Policy (SWG-Ship Without Guarantee): Your order will go out as scheduled if the overnight low temperature is between 0 degrees and 15 degrees without any Live Delivery Guarantee. Orders placed for locations with temperatures below zero degrees will not ship. We will hold them for up to seven days for the weather to warm to above zero degrees. After seven days if your order has not shipped it will be canceled, and your credit card refunded. We will not refund the price of the crickets or the shipping charges for orders shipped to locations with temperatures between 0 and 15 degrees that arrive DOA. This option must be selected at time of checkout.

Hold Your Crickets at FedEx

Requesting a package be held at a local FedEx location for pickup can be a great option. In these cold winter months having a package held could significantly increase the chance of your crickets and other insects arriving alive and healthy. This option is offered at no additional fee and is available at many locations in the lower 48 states. Simply follow the instructions located on the website to find the address of the facility where you would like your order to be held. (Not all locations are available for the hold for pickup option.) Then upon checkout enter your name and the FedEx location as the ship to address. Be sure to include a valid phone number so FedEx can notify you when your package is ready to be picked up. Packages will be held for a maximum of 5 days at the FedEx location.

Introducing USPS Hold for Pickup

We are excited to now offer hold for pickup on USPS First Class Mail orders if you would prefer to pick your package up at your local post office rather than have it delivered to your house. It's easy and is provided at no extra charge to your First Class postage. Just select USPS First Class Hold for Pickup at checkout. This option is ideal for the cold winter and during the heat of summer. Be sure to enter an accurate email address because the post office will contact you via email when your package is ready for pickup. Only orders totaling 13 oz or less qualify for USPS First Class shipping.