Farmyard Favorites All Natural Water Shield for Chickens 8 oz

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Farmyard Favorites:

Fluker's Farmyard Favorites Water Shield provides a unique blend of enzymes that stops film, residue and natural contaminants from affecting the taste and quality of your poultry's water. Water Shield is an all-natural solution for your flock's water supply safe and clean. 


Prevents build-up of film and residue in your pet's drinking water. Helps keep your chicken's drinking water clean & safe.


Water, Natural Enzymes, Surfactant, Fragrance. No artificial fragrances.


  1. Prior to using Water Shield thoroughly clean your poultry's water container.
  2. After filling the water container with fresh water, add Water Shield at a rate of 1 capful per gallon of water.

*This bottle will protect approximately 24 gallons of drinking water. Change water as needed but no longer than two days between changing.


Store product below 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Suitable For: 

For use in coops, brooders, nest boxes, chicken runs, and even works in cat litter boxes, carpet, rabbit hitches, guinea pig and hamster cages, etc.

*Keep closed when not in use. Keep out of reach of children.