Farmyard Favorites All Natural Odor Control Spray 16 oz

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Farmyard Favorites:

Fluker's Farmyard Favorites Chicken Coop Odor Control Spray removes ammonia via microbial assimilation, resulting in a better environment for your pets. 


Farmyard Favorites All Natural Odor Control Spray reduces the harmful levels of ammonia. Our clients have reported an increased feed rate, healthy animal growth, and reduced livestock mortality. 

Biologically active degrades odors at the source. Eliminate chicken coop odor and brooder ammonia that can be harmful to your chick's respiratory system. Safe for chicks and other pets. All natural.


Water, Natural Enzymes, Surfactant, Fragrance. No artificial fragrances.


  1. Shake the bottle, then spray the area with odors until damp.
  2. No need to remove animals while spraying.
  3. Spray the coop daily around the floor, walls, nests, and roosting areas. (For inside and outside use)


Store product below 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Suitable For: 

For use in coops, brooders, nest boxes, chicken runs, and even works in cat litter boxes, carpet, rabbit hitches, guinea pig and hamster cages, etc.

*Keep closed when not in use. Keep out of reach of children.