Calcium:Phosphorus 2:1

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Fluker's Calcium:Phosphorus 2:1 is the perfect dust that provides the required calcium to phosphorus ratio your pet needs for strong, healthy bones and vital bodily functions. This dust is preferable for lizards and turtles who eat small amounts of crickets, mealworms, wax worms, mice, etc. depriving them of adequate phosphorus. For pets consuming large amounts of these high phosphorus foods, use Fluker's Calcium Supplement.

  • Comes in 3 sizes: 2 oz. jar, 4 oz. jar, 8 oz. jar



  • Calcium not less than.........31.00%
  • Phosphorus............................15.50%
  • Vitamin D3 minimum.............100,000 IU/pound



Dicalcium phosphate, limestone flour, flavor, D-activated animal sterol (source of vitamin D3)

Why use Fluker's Calcium:Phosphorus 2:17?    Calcium and phosphorus are critical essential nutrients for reptiles. Calcium and phosphorus deficiency can result in pain, deformity and eventually death. Fluker's 2:1 formula helps prevent this. Vitamin D3 has been added to aid in the assimilation and metabolism of these nutrients. In addition, the formula's powder form ensures that it will adhere to the items fed.

FEEDING DIRECTIONS:   Place enough Fluker's Calcium Phosphorus in a plastic bag or other container with feeder insects. Gently shake the bag or container until all insects are well coated. Feed immediately. For mice, dip hind quarters in calcium  (use separate container). May also be mixed in with vegetables and fruits. Use 1 tablespoon per pound of food. For daily use.

Here is a video tutorial done by our Product Manager Waco Hitt.