Thermometer Round

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Fluker's precision calibrated thermometer enables you to monitor an accurate environmental temperature range (ETR) within your pet's enclosure effectively to promote good health and longevitiy. Reptiles and amphibians are dependent on environmental temperature to regulate their body temperature and maintain proper health. 

Most amphibians can be maintained in an ETR of 70-76 F. They do not tolerate temperatures above 82 F. They should experience a minimal night-time temperature drop of 5-10 F.
An appropriate ETR for desert reptiles is typically 85-95 F, temperate species 75-90F and tropical species 80-90 F. Free movement between the warm and cool sides of their enclosures is essential.                                                  Reptiles should experience a minimal night-time drop of 5-10 F.
Consult your retail pet specialist, veterinarian or the available literature to determine the specific needs of your pet.

Place the thermometer on "warm" side (basking area) of enclosure for 30 minutes and compare reading with the specific needs of your pet. If the area is too cool, use a higher wattage bulb. If too hot, substitute a lower wattage bulb. After establishing the proper temperature for the "warm" side, move theromometer to "cool" side of enclosure for 30 minutes and record. Establish an appropriate enclosure. Check the ETR regularly.