Super Scrub

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Our super scrub makes any cleaning task an easy one. The organic cleaner will dissolve dirt and grime alike.

Fluker's Super Scrub with Organic Cleaner makes cleaning your reptile's or amphibian's environment safe and easy. The free brush will enable you to scrub the tank and accessories while the organic cleaner naturally dissolves the dirt and grime. If a terrarium goes too long without cleaning, it can negatively impact your pet. This product contains natural enzymes to help keep cages, branches, hot rocks, plastic vines, and bowls clean and fresh. It also deodorizes terrariums. Buy and use this cleaner to prevent dirt build up and take care of your pet! 

  • 16 fl. oz. bottle



  • Unscrew brush from bottle.
  • Remove plastic plug from bottle neck.
  • Replace brush.
  • Squeeze a small amount of product into the brush and scrub.
  • Rinse well with water and repeat if necessary.