Mealworm Fresh Feeder Vac Pack

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Mealworm Fresh Feeder Vac Pack

• All-natural and free of preservatives 

• Convenient packing for easy feeding

• Available in 0.7 oz


Fluker's Mealworm Fresh Feeder Vac Pack is all-natural and great for bearded dragons, aquatic turtles, geckos, and all insect-loving reptiles. The insects are sterilized to remove parasites and bacteria.  This process maintains the nutritional value of the insect without preservatives, which ensures that your pet has a fresh, nutritious, and safe treat.


Place mealworms in a shallow bowl or offer with tongs.  The amount will vary depending on your pet. When feeding aquatic turtles, do not offer more than they can consume in 5 minutes. Use as part of a varied diet for your pet. Keep refrigerated after opening.




Protein (min) - 19.0%
Fat (min) - 10.0%
Fiber (max) - 6.0%
Moisture (max) - 65.0%
Phosphorus (min) - 0.3%
Calcium (min) - 0.1%