Black Soldier Fly Larvae Care Sheet

Scientific Name……….Hermetia illucens
Common Name……….Black Soldier Fly Larvae


A few facts about our feeding grade black soldier fly larvae:

  • They are responsibly raised on a grain and grass-based diet, with calcium enrichment.
  • If provided in a regular basis, you do not need to dust any supplements on the larva for your superworm, mealworm, cricket, or any other animals because the amount of calcium carried in our black soldier fly is more than sufficient to support healthy growth.
  • Because of the high calcium content, our larvae have the ability to prevent, stop, and reverse the Metabolic Bone Disease caused by Calcium deficiency.
  • Feeding them to your animals can reveal the your animal’s natural color.
  • They require minimal care:
    • They do not need to be transferred into larger containers
    • They do not need to be fed to stay alive
  • They do not make noise or give off odors.


Analysis of our Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Moisture 73.2%

Crude Protein 57% on dry basis

Calcium 3.14%

Phosphorus 1.28%

Ca:P 2.5:1

Ideal Ca:P ratio is suggested to be around 2:1 for all vertebrates, slightly higher for reptile who lives indoor. (High Ca:P ratio can block P absorption and can cause Metabolic Bone Disease as well. Thus feeding the soldier grubs is best without supplementing Ca dust.)


Caring for your Black Soldier Fly Larvae:

Rinse the larvae with warm water before feeding them to your animal. Also be careful to avoid the long coconut fiber for small animals.

You do not need to feed the worms to keep them alive. Though, if you want them to grow, and the larvae are still in white color, you can get them to grow by feeding them bananas or any soft fruit.

If you plan to use the larvae within two weeks, then store them in a closed lid container under room temperature. However, if you plan to use the larvae after two weeks or later, store them in a closed lid container in a cool place (50 to 55 F) and allow them to revive under room temperature for 10 minutes before feeding it to your animal.

For best purpose, use them within 2 weeks.

If you would like further knowledge on Black Soldier Fly Larvae, click here for a full Black Soldier Fly Manual from the University of Massachusetts.