Sun Glow Tropical Fluorescent Bulb 5.0 UVB

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Sun Glow Tropical Fluorescent Bulb - 5.0 UVB

• Self-ballasted compact fluorescent UVB bulb for temperate and tropical species of reptiles and amphibians

• Excellent UVB to UVA ratio

• Available in 13 watts or 26 watts


The key to an effective and safe UVB bulb is to have optimal quantities of UVB radiation in the 290-310 nm range while reducing the UVA within safe levels. Our new and improved Sun Glow Coil Bulbs are engineered and tested to ensure they perform within these parameters. UVB radiation is important for captive reptiles and amphibians because it can stimulate the production of vitamin D and help prevent or reverse metabolic bone disease. The proper amount of UVA is also essential as it helps increase activity levels, reproduction levels, and appetite.

Our 5.0 UVB fluorescent bulbs are ideal for diurnal species (active during the day) such as box turtles, aquatic turtles, corn snakes, tortoises, chameleons, iguanas, geckos, and other tropical species. Recent research also suggests that crepuscular and nocturnal species (active during twilight and nighttime) benefit from UVB radiation.

This lamp can also serve as an important stimulant to live plants in vivariums and terrariums.


Screw coil bulb into proper standard screw-base lamp such as Fluker's Deep Dome Lamp. Be careful not to over-tighten bulb. Ensure lamp is secure over your reptile's basking site at the proper distance (6"-10" for 13 watts and 9"-13" for 26 watts) between bulb and basking site. The lamp should be placed outside your pet's enclosure. For optimal health, provide your pet reptile or amphibian with a 12- to 14-hour light cycle with which your bulb will produce sufficient UVB for 8-12 months.

TIP: On the base of the bulb, write the date you started using it with a permanent marker to remind you when to replace it.

Bulb becomes hot to the touch while in use. Avoid contact with flammable material. Do not look directly into the bulb while in use.