Summer Camp Journal

Posted May 9th 2017 by Karlie McCaskill

Fluker Farms Summer Camp JournalA GREAT SUMMER PROJECTHave a pet reptile in your classroom? Consider this summer camp project with a journal to chronical the summer with your students. Complete with i ...

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Assembling a Fluker's Clamp Lamp

Posted Apr 12th 2017 by Casey Barthe

So we know many of you have had some difficulty in figuring out how to correctly assemble your clamp lamps. We've put together a quick tutorial on assembly. Also there is a video available as well. ...

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How Far Can You Spit a Cricket?

Posted Mar 22nd 2017 by

Many people don't know that cricket spitting is an international contest!Here is a short video from the cricket spitting contest at the 2012 Purdue Bug Bowl. The 2017 Purdue Bug Bowl is the largest kn ...

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Dolbear’s Law

Posted Jan 23rd 2017 by

How hot is it? Ask a Cricket! Did you know that snowy tree crickets can help you accurately determine the temperature outside?Back in the 1890s Amos Dolbear, a noted American Physicist and Inventor, ...

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