ICE expo

Fluker’s recently had the opportunity to sponsor and name an event at the 2016 ICE Expo that was held at the Orlando Convention Center on September 28th

The theme was Entomology without Borders. 

Expected to bring together the largest delegation of scientists and experts in the history of the discipline the expo had an excellent turnout!

The Congress allowed scientists and students to interact with the world’s leading experts in many specialties to exchange ideas and build on their research. A symposium was held to highlight the most recent advances in a wide diversity of entomological subjects around the global theme. 

Students and early career scientists had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to present their research in front of a global audience, to compete in global competitions, and to make important connections. 


More than 4,000 children were expected to attend!  The one-day event gave children interested in science through insects the ability to hold a live insect, paint with termites, see how far they can spit a cricket, or eat a fried mealworm! 

It just so happens that our sponsorship enabled us to name an event. Of course we chose the cricket spitting contest! This year’s expo featured our: 


  • ·      crickets in the Fluker’s Cricket Spitting Contest
  • ·      mealworms deep-fried and ready to eat
  • ·      crickets available for a protein packed snack

Click here to see some pictures from the expo. 

We so enjoyed working with the Congress of Entomology to give the public a chance to see, touch, and even eat some of our southern grown insects! Our efforts in encouraging learning through support of such organizations like the Congress of Entomology, support of teachers utilizing Pets in the Classroom, and support of using nature as learning tools has only increased over the years. 

We sincerely hope that the public will support our efforts in encouraging students to find joy in learning. Our products and teaching aids have been used as learning tools and we hope that continues.  If you are interested in learning more on our teaching aids please click here.

If you have used our products or teaching aids before please give us a shout out and link back to our site in order to promote learning through nature’s own tools.

We appreciate all of the support from our customers and are so excited to see the public getting involved into the field of science through events such as the 2016 International Congress of Entomology Expo!