Boys and Girls Club

Boys and Girls Club and Flukers
For many years Fluker Farms has been a key sponsor of the Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs of America. It has been our pleasure to provide much needed support to such an integral after-school program. The Clubs provide students with much-needed attention in the hours immediately after school. They’re aided with homework, served a small snack, and taught core values that build strong characters. We’re a proud sponsor of this effort.
Our sister company, French Quarter Market, created a special volunteer program to deliver in the after school environment that fosters artistic ability, entrepreneurial ship and esteem. 
ESTEEMed Art is a unique after school program that has had tremendous success with the students for the last several years. Our most recent sessions have taught the kids values of cultural identification and emotional recovery. Read about these recent sessions below:
Session IV
We chose Creole and Cajun foods as our theme. It was a blast. The kids enjoyed celebrating the uniqueness of our regional cuisine. As each one painted their favorite food, we talked about what it means to be a member of such a unique whole. Whether it was gumbo, crawfish, crabs or shrimp by the end of the event each student had completed a unique piece of artwork with its own unique story.
Session V
The program took a leap forward. We were invited to participate in a public art installation in New Orleans called FLAG (Katrina Remembrance). Huge monuments bearing 32 flags were erected in the neutral ground of Jefferson David Boulevard at Canal Street. It was an honor to participate. Our brainstorm began with a simple question, “What do you remember about Katrina?” Their responses indicated three distinct themes: Disaster, Flood and Hell. The kids chose these themselves. As a result, this one of a kind FLAG bears the memory of children in commemoration of a once in a lifetime storm.
Every November, both companies get to participate in the yearly fundraiser Steak and Stake. It’s an opportunity to sit down with the kids and share a nice meal. Each night continues to be a special experience for the staff and ownership as we’re provided a special opportunity to get to know the kids for a few short hours. The event is especially fun when we’re given the chance to send wacky photos with the kids to the big screen. It’s a great icebreaker and gives us the chance to be cheek to cheek with these darling children. Take a look at some of the photos from this year’s event:

To learn more about this great organization, check out their website here.
Paintings from the Boys and Girls Club