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Winterizing for captive bred reptiles

Oct 21st 2016

As the temperature drops outside and you start using your furnaces and heaters, make sure all your enclosures are ready for winter too! It is very important to ensure all your enclosures remain at an ideal temperature and humidity. Here is a checklist to make sure your tanks are ready for winter.
  • Make sure to check for temperature and humidity fluctuations throughout the cold months to make sure your pets or insects are getting an optimal temperature.
  • Check for drafts near your tank and correct any causing issues.
  • Make sure your thermometer and hygrometer are working properly.
  • Check your lamp and bulbs, making sure they are ready for the cold nights and that you have a spare in case your bulb or lamp break.
Here are some products to help your pets and feeder insects through the winter!
Make sure you have a Hygrometer to measure the humidity in your tank. Take care to check the temperature of your enclosure as often as you can.
Heat mats can play a big role in making sure your tank gets the right temperature. Ceramic Heat Emitters are a great way to keep a regulated temperature in your tank.
Make sure you have some Red Heat Bulbs for your Lamp fixtures. Always pack an extra lamp in case your old one breaks.