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May 16th 2017

The difference between UVB and UVA is made by the difference in wavelengths and the energy in the photons of the light. UVA also has a longer wavelength than UVB does. Both of these wavelengths, however, are Ultraviolet, hence the UV. UV is necessary for the production of Vitamin D in most living things, including reptiles, though UVB helps the creation of Vitamin D more than UVA. A lack of Vitamin D in reptiles can cause a lot of complications.

While UVB helps in the creation of Vitamin D, UVA encourages normal activities and necessities. UV bulbs provide both UVA and UVB. When it comes to purchasing a UV Bulb, make sure it has full spectrum lighting and produces at least 1.1% UVB. The full spectrum lighting gives your reptile an easier time rendering colors, since reptiles are one of the animals that can see UV light. 1.1% UVB is a good ratio of UVA to UVB, as it gives a proper amount of both UV lights while not overloading the reptile’s senses.

Full-spectrum lighting covers the light spectrum wavelengths that are useful to plant and animal life. While Full-spectrum is not a technical term, it is an reptile industry term used to imply the product emulates natural sunlight. Products marked Full-spectrum generally produce light across the spectrum but may not produce an even distribution throughout.