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Hurricane Katrina, 10 Years Later

Aug 27th 2015

This year marks the 10thyear since Hurricane Katrina devastated the Southern coast.
Fluker’s remembers that time with great reverence. Make sure you always have a plan for evacuation
in a time such as that of 10 years ago, and make sure that your reptiles are prepared, too. Here are a
couple of things to keep in mind when preparing for an evacuation situation.

  • Only Service Animals are allowed in Red Cross disaster shelters.
  • Make a list of pet friendly hotels that you can stay at.
  • See if your friends or relatives can house your animals in an emergency.
  • Make a list of veterinarians or boarding shelters for emergencies.
  • Assemble a “Bug-Out Bag” for when emergencies happen! Make sure you get all the necessary supplies for your reptile, which may include the following:
    • Any medications your reptile may take.
    • Food and Water with bowls.
    • Pertinent info on your reptile in case you need to board them.

Always make sure you have a plan for when disaster strikes you and your loved ones, including your cold-blooded companions!