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How Far Can You Spit a Cricket?

Mar 22nd 2017

Many people don't know that cricket spitting is an international contest!

Here is a short video from the cricket spitting contest at the 2012 Purdue Bug Bowl.

The 2017 Purdue Bug Bowl is the largest known insect event of its kind. Preschoolers through retirees take part in hands-on insect activities including the cricket spitting contest and cockroach racing at Roachill Downs.

**Stay tuned to ourFacebook pagefor Live coverage of the 2017 Fluker's Cricket Spitting Contest Spitoffs at Purdue's Bug Bowl April 8th & 9th at 12:45 and 3:30PM.**

Fluker's Cricket Spitting Logo

The Purdue Bug Bowl is right around the corner! We encourage you to attend the Bug Bowl and compete in the cricket spitting contest! You never know, you might beat the world record!

Fluker's Employees took it upon themselves to hold their own cricket spitting tournament leading up to Purdue's 26th annual Bug Bowl April 8th & 9th 2017. The tournament has already begun! Check out ourFacebook pageto see how the tournament progresses over the next two weeks! Who will emerge as Fluker's Cricket Spitting Champion?!?

Round 1 matchups are:

Casey vs. Troy

Karlie vs. David

Waco vs. Jarrod

Sam vs. Jenny

Visit ourFacebook pageto see who moves on to Round 2 and then the Championship Match!