Live To Freeze-Dried Hints

Freeze-dried food items have become a popular feeding choice for many pet owners. This food choice is ideal for those who do not want the hassle or maintenance of live prey. Fluker Farms has put together a few simple tips to help aid your reptile transition from live to freeze-dried food. About half of all reptiles will readily take to freeze-dried foods; the other half will need a little encouragement.

Start slowly; your pet will need some time adjusting to the new food. Start by adding a small amount to the current food of your reptile. Every couple of days, add a larger amount until the transition is complete. Be sure to add extra moisture in the environment to compensate for the loss of fluids found in live prey.

Another transition method with a high success rate is to mix the freeze-dried food with fruits or vegetables. Be sure to research the recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables for your reptile before mixing; some can be potentially harmful!
You can also mix the freeze-dried prey with baby food (such as peaches or bananas) to persuade him to eat.

If your reptile is tame enough to feed by hand, you can wiggle the freeze-dried food in front of him to give the impression of live prey.

Fluker Farms is committed to protecting the health and happiness of your reptile.