Live Crickets (Acheta) 100 -1000 count free shipping guaranteed live delivery

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Live Crickets - Fluker's Cricket Farm is a premiere online supplier of cheap feeder insects for sale. Crickets are an excellent choice to offer as prey for your reptile and our best seller. Crickets are available in sizes ranging from 1 week old (averaging 3/16 of an inch) to 6 weeks old (averaging 1 inch) and in bulk quantities starting at 100 crickets.


Sizing Chart:

1 week cricket - approximately 3/16"

2 week cricket - approximately 1/4"

3 week cricket - approximately 3/8"

4 week cricket - approximately 1/2"

5 week cricket - approximately 3/4"

6 week cricket - approximately 1"


Caring for Crickets:

A bulk of one thousand adult crickets will require at least a 10-gallon aquarium. Suitable substrates for your crickets' home include egg crates and orchid bark. You should also provide dark places for hiding. It is important to clean the cage out at least once a week, or between cricket shipments. 

Crickets have about an 8 week lifespan from hatching to death. So if you order 6 week old crickets you can expect them to live for approximately two weeks with food and water.

The optimum temperature range for crickets should be 70°-75°F during the day and at night. This is necessary for the crickets' metabolisms and immune systems to function properly. 

You should gut-load the crickets with Fluker's High Calcium Cricket Diet 24 hours before introducing them to the reptile. You could also mix half of the High Calcium Cricket Diet with half of the Cricket Diet. 

Use a small dish filled with gravel, with water just covering the gravel, or Fluker's Cricket Quencher in Original and Calcium Fortified to provide a clean water source.
Also available is Fluker's Orange Cube Complete Cricket Diet, a convenient, easy to use nutrient filled water and food source. Simply drop a few in the container with the crickets.

Live Delivery Guarantee Fall/Winter
We Guarantee Live Delivery of your insect order with some limitations. We will not ship any live insects to areas with a low temperature below 16 degrees Fahrenheit. If you place an order and the temperatures are below 16 or are expected to be below 16 during transit then we will hold your order for better shipping conditions. If it's determined that conditions will not improve within 7 business days, we reserve the right to cancel the order and issue a full refund. Should you experience a problem we will issue a credit at our discretion for the percentage of your loss. You have 3 business days from receipt of your order to report a loss. Please report all claims promptly. Claims made after the 3 business day notification window may not be honored.