Canned Rivershrimp

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A convenient, moist, nutritional snack for Crabs. Fluker's Canned Rivershrimp are a convenient way to provide a tasty snack to your crabs. Crabs are attracted to the smell of shrimp as soon as you put it in the enclosure.

  • available in 1.2 oz.


Land hermit crabs eat small amounts of food at a time, and prefer to eat at night. Feed them only what they can consume in a 24-hour period. Remove any uneaten food and replace with fresh food daily. Provide your crab with plenty of dechlorinated water at all times. Always wash your hands after handling crabs or cleaning their habitat. Keep closed and refrigerated after opening.

Ingredients: Rivershrimp



  • Minimum Crude Protein       12.5%
  • Minimum Crude Fat              2.0%
  • Maximum Crude Fiber           2.9%
  • Maximum Moisture              85.0%
  • Maximum Ash                      5.0%